Probation often occurs after criminal and misdemeanor cases like DUI’s. When serving probation in Washington State certain rules and requirements are set into place. These requirements demand strict adherence for a specific period of time; otherwise, the defendant can be called back into court. In some cases, consequences such as revocation of probation and jail time maybe result. This in-turn can affect you and your family’s livelihood and more. If you need representation for your probation violation contact the Wood Law Defense team, we can help you.

Probation Violation Lawyer

Probation violation process

If/when a state parole officer or other officer under whose supervision the probationer have been placed, believes the probationer is violating the terms of his/hers probation (i.e., engaging in criminal activity, living a vicious life, etc.), he or she shall be be brought before the court wherein the probation was granted (9.95.220). To ensure probationer appears before the court any peace officer or state parole officer may rearrest any probationer without warrant or other process. The Court without notice at its own discretion can revoke and terminate your probation agreement. This could effectively revoke any deferred and/or suspended prosecution agreements, whereupon the judgement shall be in full force and effect. In such cases where jail time is involved, the defendant shall be delivered to the sheriff to be transported to the penitentiary or reformatory according with the sentence imposed.

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